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A good assistant should make you feel like you’ve been able to magic up an extra ‘you’

I’ve always believed that a PA should naturally make you feel like you’ve been able to increase your own potential. To have the comfort and security of sharing the burden of your workload with someone who treats your business as if it were their own. I pride myself on creating working relationships where I fall seamlessly in sync with my clients and colleagues.

Hi, I’m Tamsin Ellis


I have 30 years’ experience working for a wide variety of businesses. During that time I’ve worked as a Personal Assistant at Chief Executive level within a number of large multinational corporations, as well as smaller, independent businesses and charities. I’ve worked for a varied range of sectors – from Sussex Police and London Underground, to Legal & General and Balli Steel Plc.

I’m known for my clear, open and approachable communication style. I’m tenacious and enjoy resolving problems. I believe there is no problem that can’t be solved; it’s just a matter of working creatively to find a solution.

I love the work I do, thrive on deadlines and am a stickler for detail and accuracy.

My proactive approach has helped the businesses I’ve worked for develop recruitment processes, overhaul their record keeping systems and negotiate new contract terms with suppliers.

I’m discrete and trustworthy. Confidentiality is guaranteed. My experience as an Executive Assistant means dealing with situations in a sensitive and confidential manner is second nature to me.

I love to travel and divide my time between my homes in Sussex and Greece. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology I’m set up to work wherever I am based, or even on the move.

Outside of work, I have a passion for music and attend as many live gigs as I can. There’s no experience quite like being in the same space as the artistes who have created songs that form part of the soundtrack to your life. I also play the clarinet but as relaxing and enjoyable as it is to immerse myself in the music, enthusiasm doesn’t always equal skill and I don’t think I’ll be troubling the legacy of Acker Bilk any time soon!

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